VCU Bulletin

The VCU Bulletin is published yearly for each of the student populations (undergraduate, graduate and professional) served by the institution. The bulletins contain information about university policies, course descriptions and academic requirements for the programs offered to these respective student populations.

Published yearly, the bulletins serve as the requirements for graduation for students entering VCU during that academic year

Academic regulations are also covered in the bulletin, including university-wide regulations, undergraduate regulations and graduate regulations.

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Screenshot of the VCU Bulletin

A screenshot from VCU Bulletin


VCU uses Courseleaf's Catalog (CAT) and Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) platforms to manage its bulletin and curriculum activities, as well as SIS degree programs and undergraduate minors. 

Changes and proposed additions

To propose a new course/program/CIM code (or to request edits to an existing one), please use the appropriate link below.