Agreements with other domestic entities

Academic units at VCU form agreements and partnerships to leverage resources and expand educational opportunity for students, among other reasons. The Office of the Provost is available to provide a consultation regarding agreements when the appropriate routing process is unclear.

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Types of agreements

Domestic agreements can include but are not limited to the following. Academic units should consult with the Office of the Provost on agreements not contained in this list and when the appropriate review and approval process is unknown.

Process for executing agreements

The specific process for executing agreements varies according to the agreement type. In general, agreements that are routed from academic units through academic affairs include these steps:

Renewal and termination

For agreements that contain renewal terms, the renewal process should begin at least three to six months before expiration. For agreements routed through academic affairs, units should contact academic affairs to initiate the renewal process accordingly.

Agreements to be terminated must follow the termination process outlined in the agreement. Agreements that are terminated or not renewed should be handled according to the appropriate records management policy.


Please use the academic strategy and innovation "Help desk" ticket system to submit inquiries related to agreements with other domestic entities.

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