Assessment Notices

Assessment Notices provide updates, announcements, and links to the tutorials page regarding learning outcomes assessment policy and practice at Virginia Commonwealth University. Assessment Notices, released several times a year, are prepared by the Director of Academic Integrity and Assessment in consultation with the Assessment Council. 

Current Notices

Assessment Notice 2.2 — VCU Policy: Implementing Assessment Protocols for Concentrations (released spring 2021)

Notice 2.2 provides links to video tutorials, slide decks and other resources to support implementation of learning outcomes assessment protocols according to VCU’s policy on learning outcomes assessment.

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Prior Notices

Assessment Notice 1.0 (released spring 2020)

Notice 1.0 provides guidelines and short, online tutorials for completing the 2019-2020 assessment cycle. Guidelines address assessment reporting in the context of COVID-19.

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Assessment Notice 1.1 (released spring 2020)

Notice 1.1 addresses questions about documenting “closing the loop” recommendations, reflections, and action plans. A short tutorial highlights best practices for documenting closing the loop activities.

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Assessment Notice 2.0 (released summer 2020)

Notice 2.0 focuses on implementing new and updated assessment policy, providing instructions, timelines, and suggestions.

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Assessment Notice 2.1 (released summer 2020)

Notice 2.1 is a tutorial demonstration for Assessment Documentation for Course and Curriculum Proposals in CIM.