Fifth-year interim report

The fifth-year report is an important milestone. It allows VCU to reflect and respond at the midpoint of the 10-year reaffirmation cycle. Required by the U.S. Department of Education, the report ensures we meet accreditation standards and provide a high-quality learning environment for our students.

The preparation for the fifth-year report represents a collective effort including multiple university stakeholders. It provides a detailed look at selected aspects of the university. Ultimately, the SACSCOC report is about more than just compliance: it’s about the students.

The fifth-year report allows VCU to take stock of and evaluate the programs and services it offers, and ensures the university's emphasis on continuous improvement. At the center of the benefits a positive evaluation provides are VCU's students, who are assured their degree carries value.

For information about the fifth-year interim report process, please visit the SACSCOC fifth-year webpage.